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The Vital Role of Internal Pipework Chlorination

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The Vital Role of Internal Pipework Chlorination

Internal pipework chlorination is a linchpin in guaranteeing the purity of water systems within buildings. By removing harmful bacteria and contaminants, this process ensures that the water flowing through internal plumbing remains not only safe but also fit for consumption. 

When executed by seasoned professionals like us at Pipe Testing Services (PTS), our service confirms that the chlorinated water is not just safe but optimal for drinking. We uphold rigorous standards, deploying approved chemicals and industry best practices.

Internal pipework chlorination is imperative in many scenarios, including new installations, modifications to existing systems, microbiological sampling results indicating high bacterial counts, suspected contamination, and extended periods of inactivity without routine flushing.

Legionella Treatment for Domestic Water Systems

    What Happens and What are the Benefits?

    Our skilled technicians meticulously introduce specific disinfecting agents into the water system during chlorination. These targeted chemicals effectively neutralise and eliminate harmful microorganisms, including culprits like Legionella and E. coli, ensuring the continuous safety of your water quality.

    At Pipe Testing Services (PTS) our commitment to water quality is underscored by an exhaustive testing regimen covering contaminants such as E. coli, Total Coliforms, Total Viable Colony Counts, Legionella, Turbidity, and Chlorine Residuals. This rigorous assessment is a testament to our dedication to maintaining a water supply that remains pure, transparent, and consistently safe for all users.

    Internal pipework chlorination stands as an unwavering assurance that your water supply remains free from harmful bacteria and contaminants, fortifying the health of all occupants.

    Our services not only meet but exceed the requirements outlined in BS 8558 guidelines and local water authority specifications, ensuring your water system aligns seamlessly with regulatory standards.

    Upon completion of the chlorination process, Pipe Testing Services (PTS) supplies a chlorination certificate, a document providing proof of compliance and the safety of your water supply.

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    We take pride in providing top-tier services to ensure the safety and purity of our client’s water supply. Don’t compromise on water quality – let our experienced team safeguard your water systems with efficient chlorination processes. Contact us today to learn more and request a quote.

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    Internal pipework chlorination is a complex process that requires specialised knowledge and equipment. To ensure proper disinfection and water safety, it is best to entrust this task to trained professionals like Pipe Testing Services.

    The frequency of internal pipework chlorination depends on various factors, including water usage, system size, and local regulations. Regular maintenance and periodic chlorination are vital for maintaining water quality.

    While chlorination remains the most effective method for water system disinfection, alternative technologies such as ultraviolet (UV) disinfection may be suitable for certain applications. Our experts can advise you on the best approach for your specific needs.
    Neglecting internal pipework chlorination can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria, posing serious health risks to occupants. Contaminated water may cause waterborne illnesses, making chlorination a vital preventive measure.
    The chemicals we use are carefully selected to be effective against harmful bacteria while being safe for the water system. Commonly used chemicals include chlorine-based compounds like sodium hypochlorite.