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CPC Civils Ltd

Looking for professional chlorination services? our client needed chlorination services for 400mm DI main and 450mm HPPE main.

Chlorination Services for CPC Civils Ltd

At Pipe Testing Services, we specialise in delivering exceptional chlorination services. In this case, we worked to the specific needs of our client CPC Civils Ltd. This work was carried out in Curzon St, Birmingham

Our team of experienced professionals utilises advanced techniques and industry-leading equipment to perform thorough and efficient chlorination of mains. Here’s what we did:

  • Chlorination and de-chlorination services were provided for an 800mm water mains line.
  • This was part of a major enabling work for an ongoing HS2 Scheme, which involved CPC Civils Ltd.
  • Throughout the process, we used our approved disinfectants and methodologies, adhered to regulatory standards and guidelines, and, provided detailed documentation and certification of the project records.

Whilst working on a high-profile scheme, working to a tight programme, we carried out all of our works on time.  we’re happy to say all water samples passed first time.

Comprehensive Range of Services

We offer a comprehensive range of pipe testing services. While we assisted CPC Civils Ltd with chlorination services, we also offer;  efficient flow surveys, precise water tank commissioning, Legionnaires remedial works, and more. With our expertise and advanced techniques, we provide holistic solutions to optimise the performance and longevity of your pipeline infrastructure. 

Chlorination services for CPC Civils with Pipe Testing Services

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