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Rising mains Pressure Testing

Pipe Testing Services undertakes rising mains pressure testing across PE and metallic pipelines using industry-leading methods.

Rising Mains Pressure Testing

If you’re seeking maintenance, or rising mains pressure testing for your pipelines, look no further than Pipe Testing Services.

Recently, the housing market has seen a high demand from developers and contractor alike, both needing their rising mains commissioned. Whilst you do not need to chlorinate the mains, it is essential you pressure test them to confirm they are fit for purpose.

We’ve carried out continual work, across the country. Including clients such as – housing developers, main contractors and leading ground workers. We’ve assisted all of them with their commissioning needs.

With that said, we’ll look at some of critical aspects of pressure testing. Why is it important? the regulatory requirements involved, and, ultimately, how it can significantly improve your water systems

Understanding Rising Mains Pressure Testing

Rising mains pressure testing is a vital process. One that evaluates the hydraulic performance and structural integrity of the pipelines in your water distribution system.

For our clients, we conduct meticulous evaluations to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your rising mains. Let’s explore some of key elements of this procedure:

In our rising mains pressure testing, we meticulously analyse the hydraulic behaviour of your pipelines. This guarantees optimal water flow and pressure. Furthermore, our advanced testing equipment allows us to assess water velocity and identify any potential obstructions or irregularities. When completed, the water distribution will remain smooth and efficient.

Our expert team employs cutting-edge techniques to identify even the smallest of leaks. We prevent water loss and costly damage. Consequently, a timely detection and the repair of leaks contribute to water conservation and sustainable usage. And, beneficially, our service safeguards both your resources and the environment.

Ensuring the structural integrity of your rising mains is essential to prevent potential failures. Our skilled inspectors conduct thorough assessments to identify weaknesses, cracks, or corrosion in the pipelines, safeguarding your system against future issues. By addressing these concerns proactively, we help you avoid costly repairs and potential disruptions.

    Why is Regular Pressure Testing Important?

    Regular pressure testing of rising mains is an indispensable practice for any water distribution system. It offers numerous benefits that contribute to the overall efficiency, safety, and sustainability of your water supply. You’ve already read what it entails, so let’s expand on the importance of these aspects. And how it can be benefit to you and your water systems:

    Hydrostatic and Rising Main Flushing

    Safety and Reliability

    Water Quality

    Cost Savings

    Environmental Impact

    Compliance with Regulations

    At Pipe Testing Services, we understand the paramount importance of adhering to industry regulations and standards when conducting rising mains pressure testing. Our commitment to compliance ensures that your water distribution system meets all the required benchmarks for safety and functionality.

    Our pressure testing procedures are vital for ensuring the quality of your drinking water in the UK, as governed by The Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000. Additionally, we help you comply with The Water Industry Act 1991, ensuring your water distribution system meets legal requirements. Moreover, following British Standards (BS EN) guarantees accurate results, while prioritizing safety, guided by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines. Furthermore, our team is well-trained to meet specific requirements of local water authorities. 

    To example, Different regions and water authorities may have specific requirements and standards that need to be met. Our team is familiar with the local water authority guidelines, ensuring that the rising mains pressure testing aligns with their specific requirements.

    Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of rising water mains

    Why Choose Us for Pressure Testing Services?

    When you partner with Pipe Testing Services for your rising mains pressure testing, you gain access to a myriad of benefits, setting us apart as the preferred choice:

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    At Pipe Testing Services, expertise takes precedence, assuring you that your rising mains pressure testing needs are met with unparalleled proficiency. Our team possesses extensive experience and holds relevant certifications, guaranteeing the highest level of service delivery and ensuring utmost client satisfaction.

    With a steadfast commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest industry advancements and best practices, we excel in providing exceptional pressure testing services for your water distribution system.

    Comprehensive Pipe Testing Services

    Our dedication to excellence extends beyond rising mains pressure testing. Explore the drop-down menu above to discover how we can further assist you with additional pipe testing services, ranging from legionnaire’s remedial work to clean water and drainage CCTV surveys. Whatever your specific requirements may be, our comprehensive suite of services ensures that all aspects of your water system are thoroughly inspected and maintained.

    In need of pressure testing for your rising mains? Reach out to Pipe Testing Services using the following contact information:

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