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Electrofusion Welding for Rising Main

Discover the advantages of electrofusion welding for rising main pipes with Pipe Testing Services. Our expertise ensures reliable solutions.

Electrofusion Welding for Rising Main: A Case Study

    At Pipe Testing Services (PTS), our expertise extends beyond testing – we offer comprehensive solutions for installing water infrastructure. Recently, we showcased our electrofusion welding capabilities on a critical project – Here’s the breakdown.

    The Project

    A long-standing client required the installation of a rising main and connection to a pumping station. Ensuring a secure, leak-proof joint was paramount for uninterrupted water supply and mitigating potential environmental impacts.

    electro fusion welding services - rising mains. PTS

    Our Approach

    We deployed a team of highly skilled engineers, all with extensive experience in the water industry. We leveraged our specialised electrofusion welding techniques to join high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes seamlessly.

    The electrofusion process relies on precisely controlled electrical heat and fusion between the pipe and fitting surfaces. This meticulous method creates a homogenous, monolithic joint stronger than the pipe itself.

    Our engineers followed stringent procedures, meticulously preparing the pipe ends and aligning the components. Embedded electrical coils then heated the surfaces to the optimal fusion temperature, allowing the materials to meld together under controlled pressure.

    Throughout the process, we monitored temperatures, pressures, and cooling times with state-of-the-art equipment. This attention to detail ensured consistent, high-quality joints meeting all regulatory standards.

    The Outcome

    Our electro fusion welding services delivered a seamless rising main connection to the pumping station. The robust, leak-free joints will withstand the demanding operating pressures and temperatures for years to come.

    The client praised our professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence. PTS’s comprehensive solutions, from welding to testing, provided peace of mind and ensured the integrity of their critical water infrastructure.

    rising main electro fusion welding services - pipe testing services.

    Beyond Fusion Welding Services

    While we offer various rising mains and fusion welding services, we also have a comprehensive range of solutions for any type of water system or water infrastructure project. Our engineers possess diverse skillsets, allowing us to tackle complex installations, repairs, and maintenance tasks.

    Clients are often surprised to learn about our installation capabilities. That’s why we take pride in being a one-stop resource, providing expertise from initial welding to final testing and commissioning.

    Take a closer look at our dedicated page, Legionella Contractors, do discover more about our services.

    electro fusion pipe testing - rising mains. Pipe Testing Services.

    Contact Us for Reliable Electrofusion Welding Services

    At PTS, we continually invest in training, equipment, and processes to deliver unparalleled services. Our electrofusion welding proficiency exemplifies our commitment to providing innovative, reliable solutions that maximise water infrastructure longevity and performance.

    If you require electrofusion welding, pipe testing, or any other water infrastructure services, contact PTS today.

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    Our team is ready to discuss your project requirements. If we can assist with any testing or welding work on your next project, please feel free to get in contact. We’ll deliver tailored solutions that ensure compliance, quality, and operational efficiency.