Cold Water Storage Tank Commissioning

Neglected water tanks are highly high-risk areas for the spread of disease. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that they are regularly assessed and inspected.

The most significant risk to water tanks is the spread of Legionella bacteria which can breed in such conditions, especially water tanks that have been left to deteriorate.

ACoP L8 requires that water tanks are inspected and, most importantly, cleaned and disinfected regularly to prevent sediment build-up.

When sediment is left uncontrolled, it acts as a nutrient and aids bacterial contamination and growth.

When Is Cold Water Storage Tank Commissioning Required?

Below are some examples of when cold water storage tank commissioning is required:

  • When Risk Assessment or inspection findings deem it necessary;
  • If the water system or part of it is substantially altered or has been entered for maintenance purposes where contamination is possible;
  • During or following an outbreak or suspected outbreak of Legionellosis.

Upon completion of works, a chlorination certificate will be issued.


What is involved during a clean and disinfection?

Clean and disinfection services are carried out following ACoP L8 following the procedures outlined in BS855468:2015.

When you choose our services, a specialist engineer will visit your premises and conduct an initial assessment to identify health and safety precautions.

Next, isolation of the cold water storage tank and any pump sets is required before fully draining the tank. After the tank has been exhausted, a physical deep cleaning procedure is carried out to total sanitation.

Our cleaning process incorporates silver-based hydrogen peroxide as this chemical halves the volume of water that must be ‘dumped’ compared to conventional methods.

Alternative chemicals may be used where required, including chlorine, for example.

If required, full-system disinfection including all assets and pipe-work measuring chemical levels at every outlet to ensure successful disinfection.

The tests were carried out for TVC, e-coli, chloroform, and Legionella by a UKAS accredited laboratory.

Finally, an issue of disinfection certificate and sample results for your logbook.

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