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Flow Surveys

Discover reliable flow surveys with Pipe Testing Services. Optimise your industrial processes with accurate flow analysis and insights.

Flow Surveys

At Pipe Testing Services, we take pride in offering expert flow survey services. Moreover, with a solid reputation built on over 30 years of industry experience, we have become the go-to team for flow monitoring and surveys. If you’re in need of reliable, accurate, and valuable data to optimise your pipeline network, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Since its inception in the 80s, we have worked in the field of survey technology to monitor foul and surface water networks. As a result, we’ve worked closely with the Water Research Centre (WRC) Consequently, over the years, we’ve built up a strong clientele.

Today, procedures have subsequently developed from the basis of the current Model Contract Document and the associated codes of practice.

Why Flow Surveys Matter

In so much as they are essential for industries reliant on efficient and well-maintained pipelines; flow surveys play a vital role. These surveys are instrumental in assessing pipeline performance, identifying potential issues, and ensuring optimal flow rates for various applications.

To emphasize, with their comprehensive analysis, industries gain valuable insights into pipeline efficiency, making informed decisions for seamless operations.

    The Process of Flow Surveys

    Employing a well-structured systematic approach, our comprehensive surveys and monitoring precisely measure the depth of flow and velocity in pipelines. Subsequently, this data is seamlessly integrated with rain gauge information, enabling our hydraulic modeling engineers to accurately assess the performance characteristics of pipelines.

    During this meticulous process, we provide valuable insights that contribute to optimised pipeline operations, ensuring seamless and efficient functioning.


    With a wide array of applications spanning diverse sectors, flow surveys become an indispensable aspect of pipeline management. Our comprehensive surveys cater to a variety of industry needs, ranging from short-term monitoring for calibration to long-term proactive network management. Here’s an insightful overview of our comprehensive services:

    Flow Surveys & Flow Monitoring. Water Pipe Flow Surveys

    Flow Surveys for Different Industries

    To be more specific, these surveys play a critical role in various industries; ensuring smooth operations, optimal efficiency, and adherence to regulatory standards. Here are some key industries in which where our services prove invaluable:

    In the water and wastewater industry, flow surveys are essential for monitoring sewer networks, managing combined sewer overflow, detecting leakage, and verifying trade effluent flow. With our accurate data, water authorities can make informed decisions to ensure sustainable water management practices.

    They are particularly valuable in urban pollution management surveys, assessing the impact of pollutants on natural water bodies. Leveraging our expertise, industries can identify and mitigate environmental risks, safeguarding ecosystems, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

    Industries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, chemical production, and precision machining rely on precise flow measurements to optimise their processes. This ensures consistent production, minimises waste, and enhances overall efficiency.

    In the energy sector, surveys play a crucial role in renewable energy projects, including hydroelectric and wind power plants. Accurate flow data allows for efficient energy generation and the utilisation of natural resources.

    Additionally, these types of surveys are employed in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to ensure proper functioning and energy efficiency. By optimising the flow rates, industries can effectively reduce energy consumption and operational costs.

    Benefits of Choosing Pipe Testing Services

    Opting for Pipe Testing Services for flow surveys offers numerous advantages. Firstly, our large fleet of first-class monitoring equipment enables us to provide timely, accurate, and valuable data to our clients at no extra cost.

    Moreover, we embrace advanced Telemetry loggers, staying at the forefront of technology. These cutting-edge tools not only ensure a quicker turnaround of data but also facilitate informed decision-making, making the entire process more cost-effective.

    Additionally, we prioritise environmental sustainability at Pipe Testing Services. Through remote communication and exception mode maintenance, we actively assist our customers in reducing their carbon footprint and minimising confined space entry and resources for traffic management.

    Furthermore, with a nationwide reach and a network of regional depots, we efficiently conduct our work anywhere in the UK. Our expert team utilises the latest ADFM technology for accurate flow measurements in large-diameter pipes.

    By incorporating these advanced methodologies and technologies, we deliver comprehensive and environmentally responsible flow survey solutions, ensuring seamless operations and optimised efficiency for industries across the UK.

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    We are committed to delivering reliable and reputable services to ensure the safety and compliance of your water systems. Contact us now to discuss your needs or to schedule a consultation. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you.


    Accurate flow surveys ensure optimal functioning of industrial processes, minimising downtime, and enhancing overall productivity.

    The duration of a flow survey varies depending on factors like the size of the pipeline network and project complexity. Our dedicated team works diligently to minimise downtime and ensure efficient completion of surveys.

    The frequency of flow surveys for maintenance can vary depending on the industry and system conditions. As a general recommendation, conducting them annually or following the manufacturer’s guidelines is advisable.

    There are challenges such as restricted access points, turbulent flows, or varying fluid properties. However, our team employs specialised techniques to overcome these obstacles effectively.


    Yes, flow surveys are indeed applicable to both liquid and gas pipelines. They enable accurate measurements and assessments for different types of fluid systems, ensuring comprehensive analysis and efficiency improvements.

    Absolutely – flow surveys can help detect leaks, blockages, or irregularities in pipelines, preventing potential hazards and ensuring the integrity of the system.