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Alconbury Weald

Pipe testing solutions at Alconbury Weald. We specialize in pressure testing and chlorination of 400mm DI main and 450mm HPPE main pipelines.

Pressure Testing at Alconbury Weald

In a recent project at Alconbury Weald, our client entrusted us with the crucial task of pressure testing and chlorinating 2,190 meters of 400mm DI main and 1850m of 450mm HPPE main pipelines. Our dedicated team successfully completed this project within the specified timeline, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

By being involved from the start, we fostered a close working relationship with our client. We created an achievable commissioning plan and worked according to their program. Throughout our time at Alconbury Weald, we conducted regular inspections of the mains and performed pressure testing at agreed lengths in coordination with the local water authority and main contractor.

Since completing the initial 4,000 meters, we have had the opportunity to carry out further works on-site, including 650m of 225mm ALPE main, 350m of 355mm ALPE main, 475m of 180mm ALPE main, and 250m of 90mm ALPE main.

As this development continues, we strive to maintain our involvement to ensure the successful completion of all future pipe work.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Beyond pressure testing and chlorination, we offer a comprehensive range of pipe testing services. Our offerings include thorough flow surveys to assess the efficiency of your pipelines, precise water tank commissioning services, Legionnaires risk assessment, and more. With our expertise and advanced techniques, we provide holistic solutions to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your pipeline infrastructure.

Pressure testing at Alconbury Weald with Pipe Testing Services

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