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Dechlorination of Pipelines – Pipe Testing Services

Ensure your pipelines are safely dechlorinated after disinfection with Pipe Testing Services. Our dechlorination experts utilise proven methods to completely remove chlorine residuals, mitigating environmental impact. Trust our comprehensive services for regulatory compliance and environmental stewardship.

Dechlorination of Pipelines – Pipe Testing Services

    For a comprehensive overview, explore our dedicated service pages above to grasp the full extent of how PTS can enhance the efficiency of your water systems.

    Pipe Testing Services (PTS) understands the critical role of dechlorination in pipeline operations. While chlorination disinfects pipelines, residual chlorine levels must be reduced before treated water re-enters the environment. Our comprehensive dechlorination services ensure regulatory compliance while minimising ecological impact.

    During pipeline installations, repairs, or routine maintenance, chlorination safeguards water quality. However, after the disinfection process, dechlorination is essential to neutralise remaining chlorine residuals. Failure to do so can harm aquatic life when the chlorinated water is discharged into rivers, lakes, or oceans. PTS provides tailored dechlorination solutions to meet project-specific needs across the UK.

    Our Services

    Pipeline Services:

    • Pipe Fusion Welding: Specialised butt fusion and electrofusion welding for leak-proof polyethylene (PE) pipe joints.
    • Trenchless Pipe Installation: Horizontal directional drilling (HDD), pipe bursting, and other trenchless methods for minimal surface disruption.
    • Flow Surveys: Advanced flow monitoring and data analysis to identify leaks and optimise water distribution networks.

    Legionella Control:

    The Dechlorination Process

    Dechlorination is the controlled removal of residual chlorine from water. Two primary methods are commonly employed:

    Our team of experts carefully evaluates project parameters, including pipeline materials, volume, flow rates, and discharge regulations, to determine the optimal dechlorination approach. Advanced equipment and monitoring systems ensure precise chemical dosing or carbon filter management for complete and efficient dechlorination.

    dechlorination of pipelines - PTS on-site images.

    Learn about our internal pipe swabbing services – pipe cleaning is a crucial first step during chlorination services.

    Benefits of Professional Dechlorination Services

    Engaging PTS’s professional dechlorination services offers numerous benefits:

    Regulatory Compliance

    Proper dechlorination allows the discharge of treated water within regulatory chlorine limits, avoiding costly penalties and legal repercussions.

    Removing residual chlorine prevents toxicity to flora and fauna in receiving water bodies, safeguarding delicate aquatic ecosystems.

    Effective dechlorination streamlines overall chlorination procedures, enabling efficient pipeline commissioning and maintenance operations.

    Our experienced technicians follow strict safety protocols and best practices, ensuring the responsible handling and application of dechlorination chemicals or systems.

    Take a look at our dedicated page for chlorination and legionella control to learn more about our water treatment methods, and why chlorination is so important

    Applications of Dechlorination Services

    PTS provides comprehensive dechlorination services for diverse pipeline projects across multiple sectors:

    Our team collaborates closely with clients, conducts thorough site assessments, and develops tailored dechlorination plans to meet project-specific requirements and regulatory standards.

    Regulations and Compliance

    At Pipe Testing Services, we place a strong emphasis on adhering to all pertinent regulations and industry standards throughout our dechlorination operations. Our processes and procedures are meticulously designed to ensure full compliance with the following key regulations:

    Our team remains vigilant, staying abreast of the latest regulatory updates and industry best practices. This commitment ensures that our dechlorination services consistently meet the highest standards of safety, environmental stewardship, and water quality compliance across the UK.

    Chlorination Services for Network Plus

    Network Plus entrusted us with pipe testing and chlorination services for a water network project in Nottingham. Over 5 months, the team conducted 4 site visits to pressure test 2,000m of 180mm main, 1,000m of 125mm main, and 1,000m of 90mm main.

    Comprehensive chlorination was carried out to disinfect the water mains. We then performed precise dechlorination services to remove residual chlorine and restore water quality to compliance levels. Water sampling ensured the mains met all quality control requirements. Read on >>

    Dechlorination FAQs

    How long after chlorination should dechlorination occur?

    The timing of dechlorination depends on factors such as pipeline volume, chlorine contact time required for disinfection, and discharge regulations. Our experts carefully assess each project to schedule dechlorination appropriately, ensuring compliance and effectiveness.

    Yes, removing residual chlorine is a mandatory step before discharging treated water into the environment. Failure to dechlorinate can result in ecological harm and potential regulatory violations.

    Chlorine discharge limits vary based on the receiving water body’s classification and local regulations. Typically, residual chlorine limits range from 0.01 to 0.1 mg/L for surface water discharges, while more stringent limits may apply for sensitive ecosystems.

     No, dechlorination only neutralises residual chlorine after the disinfection process is complete. The initial chlorination treatment remains unaffected, ensuring pipeline disinfection is not compromised.

    Dechlorination primarily targets free chlorine and combined chlorine species. However, certain chlorine by-products, such as trihalomethanes or haloacetic acids, may persist and require additional treatment steps if necessary.

    Choose PTS for Professional Dechlorination Services

    Pipe Testing Services offers reliable nationwide dechlorination contracting services. Our skilled technicians, industry-leading equipment, and robust procedures ensure safe, compliant, and environmentally responsible operations.

    Contact us today to discuss dechlorination requirements for your next pipeline project, or to schedule a consultation with our experts.

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    Experience PTS’s comprehensive dechlorination expertise for seamless pipeline commissioning, maintenance, and environmental stewardship across the UK.