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Legionella Detected

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Legionella Detected - How to Effectively Manage Positive Legionella Test Results

At Pipe Testing Services, we efficiently handle positive Legionella test results when legionella is detected. Our commitment extends to delivering exceptional Legionella prevention services, including industry-standard remedial works, legionnaires risk assessments, and nationwide coverage throughout the UK.

Legionella bacteria naturally occur in various water sources, but the real concern arises when manmade water systems contain them. While low bacterial levels may not require immediate action, higher levels can pose significant health risks and demand prompt intervention. At Pipe Testing Services, our team dedicates efforts to efficiently identifying and addressing any legionella detection, ensuring the safety of your water systems and the well-being of those who use them.

    The Impact of Legionella Contamination

    Legionella bacteria naturally occur in various water sources, but their presence in manmade water systems is a real concern. While low bacterial levels may not necessitate immediate action, higher levels can pose significant health risks, demanding prompt intervention. Our team at Pipe Testing Services efficiently identifies and addresses any legionella detection, ensuring the safety of your water systems and the well-being of those who use them.

    The Importance of Water Testing for Legionella

    Though regular sampling and testing for Legionella bacteria might not be mandated by law in most cases, it is a sensible approach to monitor water safety. UKAS Water Sampling confirms that water safety plans and control measures effectively safeguard against Legionella contamination. We work with a UKAS accredited laboratory in the UK, well-equipped to produce testing results for our clients.

    Laboratories can identify three broad groups of Legionella bacteria in water samples. Among them, Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 poses the highest risk of causing Legionnaires’ disease, making it the most serious concern. Conversely, serogroups 2-14 can cause other forms of disease, originating from less dangerous forms of Legionella bacteria. At Pipe Testing Services, we employ advanced testing methods to accurately detect and differentiate these bacterial groups, enabling us to implement appropriate measures to safeguard your water systems and the people who rely on them.

    Understanding Detection Levels for Legionella Bacteria

    For Legionella detection, UK laboratories usually report results in cfu/l. As per the Health and Safety Executive’s Legionnaires’ disease Technical Guidance Part 2, if a minority of results fall between 100 and 1000 cfu/l, resampling of the water system should be done. Here’s the breakdown:

    Image used as an example for legionella detection, water microbiological sampling, and, legionella testing services. Legionella control in healthcare facilities

    Legionella bacteria levels below 100 cfu/l or undetectable are considered safe. However, in healthcare settings, we investigate any detection further; prioritising patient safety due to their vulnerability.

    This range suggests low-level contamination, warranting a thorough investigation. If only a minority of samples test positive, we conduct resampling, reviewing control measures. If the majority of samples show positive results, immediate action, including review and disinfection, becomes necessary.

    This indicates a high level of bacteria, demanding immediate remedial action to prevent potential Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks. In such cases, we carry out resampling, disinfection, and ongoing monitoring. Retesting occurs a few days after disinfection and at regular intervals to ensure effective control.

    What to do if High Legionella Concentrations are Detected?

    Pipe Testing Services offers tailored remedial works, meeting your specific requirements. Our qualified engineers excel in expert water tank cleaning, meticulous chlorination procedures, and comprehensive water system assessments.

    To eradicate areas conducive to bacterial growth, we undertake critical actions like system redesign, removing redundant pipes, eliminating lime scale buildup, servicing mixing valves, and providing pipework insulation. These measures not only address Legionella bacteria but also enhance water system efficiency and safety. Trust us for comprehensive solutions prioritising your well-being.

    How much will Legionella Detected Services Cost?

    The cost and duration of remedial works and testing services depend on the actions identified during the Legionella risk assessment. At Pipe Testing Services, we understand that each case is unique. Contact our team for an initial quote and personalised advice regarding Legionella control measures.

    Rest assured, our qualified engineers strive to minimise disruption while completing necessary tasks. Prevention plays a vital role in reducing the risk of Legionella bacteria growth. Implementing preventive measures such as regular water system flushing, temperature control maintenance, and good practices are essential to mitigate risks.

    Why Choose us for Legionella Services?

    As experienced Legionella Contractors, our team prioritises detection thresholds and identifies various Legionella bacteria types promptly. Our expertise enables swift, appropriate actions to mitigate outbreak risks.

    At Pipe Testing Services, proactive measures are paramount. We emphasise regular monitoring and comprehensive risk assessments, providing ongoing support for a safer environment. Safeguarding water safety is an ongoing, diligent process ensuring everyone’s health and well-being.

    Contact Pipe Testing Services

    For Legionella detection and necessary actions, professional assistance is crucial. Pipe Testing Services provides experienced, certified Legionella contractors offering expert prevention and remediation solutions.

    Our commitment to industry advancements and best practices ensures top-notch service. Contact us today to safeguard your premises, ensure compliance, and maintain a safe environment for all.

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    Common methods for Legionella detection include culture testing, where bacteria are grown in a lab, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to detect bacterial DNA, and immunological methods for identifying specific antigens. These techniques enable accurate and efficient detection of Legionella bacteria in water systems, ensuring timely intervention and risk mitigation. At Pipe Testing Services, we utilise these advanced methods to ensure the safety of your water systems and protect the well-being of all who rely on them.

    Yes, Legionella can be detected in various environments, including cooling towers, plumbing systems, and hospitals. These settings are susceptible to Legionella growth and require regular monitoring and testing to ensure the safety of occupants and visitors.

    There are home Legionella detection kits available for preliminary testing, but professional testing is recommended for accurate results.

    Legionella detection and prevention measures are often mandatory in industries such as healthcare, hospitality, and commercial buildings. These industries prioritise water safety to safeguard the health and well-being of their occupants and visitors. Pipe Testing Services ensures compliance with industry regulations and provides expert solutions to meet the specific requirements of different sectors.

    The detection time varies depending on the testing method used, but typically it takes several days to receive the results.

    PTS serves customers nationwide, all across the UK. Regardless of your location, we’ll be able to come out and carry out our Legionella detection services for your business premises or facilities.