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Implementing Effective Legionella Control Measures

Discover expert Legionella control measures at PTS. Ensure safety with our proven solutions. Trust us for effective Legionella prevention

Implementing Effective Legionella Control Measures

Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia that can have devastating effects if contracted. However, it is entirely preventable through proper Legionella control measures. While testing is essential, it only provides a periodic snapshot of risk.

Facilities need ongoing, proactive strategies to minimize Legionella risks and safeguard occupants.

At Pipe Testing Services, we go beyond periodic testing to help clients implement comprehensive Legionella prevention programmes. Our hands-on guidance covers all aspects of effective water safety management. By partnering with us, you can create an environment inhospitable to Legionella growth.

Legionella Contractors and Legionella Control Measures. Image shows man testing for legionella.

    Essential Legionella Control Measures

    Facility-wide water management plans are crucial for reducing Legionella risks. These should incorporate control measures such as:

    The HSE states such water management programmes can reduce Legionella risk by up to 95% when implemented effectively

    Robust Plans Tailored to Your Facility

    Through extensive industry experience, Pipe Testing Services has developed Legionella control programmes to safeguard water systems. Our Water Safety Plans provide customised prevention focused on your facility’s unique risks.

    Discover how Pipe Testing Services (PTS) is dedicated to safeguarding industries and facilities at risk from Legionella. PTS offers tailored Legionella prevention services to address unique industry challenges while ensuring compliance with stringent UK government regulations.

    Whether you’re in healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, residential, education, or commercial office spaces, understanding and managing Legionella risks is paramount for public health and regulatory adherence.

    Explore our comprehensive Legionella prevention solutions, including risk assessments, water system maintenance, legionella monitoring, compliance, education, and rapid response. We specialise in industry-specific solutions, allowing you to focus on your core operations while we ensure water system safety.

    To find out more about industries or facilities at risk from Legionella, you can take a closer look at our dedicated page – Legionella Prevention: Industries at Risk

    Our Legionella Control Measures Process

    We start with an in-depth risk assessment to identify hazards specific to your water systems. Next, we create targeted plans incorporating the ideal control measures to reduce your risks.

    PTS can then help implement these, whether installing disinfection equipment, monitoring temperatures, delivering staff training, or responding rapidly if contamination occurs. We also provide ongoing management, acting as your competent Legionella advisor.

    By working with Pipe Testing Services, you gain:

    • Bespoke plans based on facility-specific risk assessments
    • Expert implementation of prevention systems
    • Proactive monitoring and maintenance
    • Rapid response if contamination is found
    • Ongoing management and record-keeping
    • Assurance of full L8 compliance
    • Confidence in our decades of Legionella control experience

    Why Choose Us for Legionella Control Measures?

    Don’t wait for an outbreak – contact us today to improve your Legionella prevention programme. Discover how our comprehensive water testing, disinfection, staff training and advisory services can significantly reduce your risks.

    Make Pipe Testing Services your Legionella control partner and safeguard your building occupants through compliant, customised and proactive water safety.

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    Our mission revolves around delivering reputable services that ensure water systems’ safety and compliance. Contact us today to discuss your requirements or schedule a consultation. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist.


    Control measures should be carried out on an ongoing, regular basis as part of an overall water management plan. This includes daily temperature checks, weekly flushing of stagnant pipes, etc.

    Maintaining proper water temperatures and disinfection methods are the most crucial. But a comprehensive plan also requires pipe flushing, contamination response, staff training, record keeping, and more.

    We can conduct a risk assessment, identify any gaps, and create a tailored water safety plan for your facility incorporating the ideal control measures.

    We have emergency response protocols in place to dispatch our technicians for rapid remediation anytime Legionella is detected. Get in contact with our team to discuss more.

    Yes, our plans are designed to fully align with the L8 regulations and other compliance requirements related to Legionella control.

    We maintain detailed logs of all activities, risk assessments, safety plans, temperatures, flushing, inspections and other data to provide oversight and accountability.

    We operate nationwide, across the UK. So, rest assured, if you have issues with legionella outbreaks – are in need of control or preventative measures – we can help. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.