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Legionella Testing

Get reliable Legionella testing services from Pipe Testing Services. We offer thorough assessments, monitoring and more to ensure water safety.

Legionella Testing

At PTS, we are dedicated to upholding water safety through meticulous Legionella testing and efficient water control schemes. Our approach involves employing UKAS-accredited water sampling and state-of-the-art techniques to deliver exceptional services nationwide. Should you require legionella contractor services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team.

Understanding Legionella Testing

Legionella testing stands as a vital process aimed at assessing the presence of Legionella bacteria within water systems.

To explain, this examination plays a pivotal part in safeguarding public health. These tests ensure regulatory standards are met; these are government standards such as ACoP L8/HSG 274.

    When Would I need Legionella Testing?

    For situations that lack clarity, ACoP L8/HSG 274 outlines specific instances mandating Legionella testing:

    Prioritising Water Safety and Legionella Testing

    Naturally, water safety is significant for both communities and individuals. That’s why regular legionella testing is so important when  detecting and mitigating legionella bacteria growth. For our clients, we aim to keep consistent alignment of water quality with requisite standards.

    Importantly, this duty pertains to homeowners, facility managers, and industrial professionals. There are certain legal requirements set out by the government that are important to understand. However, the best course of action can be to get in touch we people like us – at Pipe Testing Services – to handle your legionella related issue.

    What Water Systems are at Risk?

    Numerous internal water systems fall under the threat of legionella colonisation. These encompass cooling towers in industrial complexes, hot and cold water systems in commercial and domestic spaces, and more. Ideally, if you suspect legionella within your water systems, you’d want to carry out a legionella risk assessment – a service which we provide, alongside remedial action to control legionella growth.

    Additionally, we extend our expertise to recreational venues, addressing disinfection and maintenance concerns for spa pools and hot tubs.

    There are many other examples of water systems within your home, or workplace – this is why it important to get in contact for a legionella test. Because our work can guarantee a safe environment for all, whether it concerns a commercial or residential space.

    Microbiological Sampling and Legionella Testing

    Our adept technicians adhere to a rigorous methodology specified in official standards. Beneficially, this ensures accurate results that align with ACoP L8/HSG 274 guidelines. 

    These results are then dispatched to an independent UKAS-accredited laboratory for meticulous analysis, reinforcing dependability and accuracy.

    Here’s what we do for clients, and what the legionella testing process entails:

    Image used as an example for legionella detection, water microbiological sampling, and, legionella testing services. Legionella control in healthcare facilities

    Seek Expert Legionella Testing Services

    At Pipe Testing Services, our dedication to water safety through Legionella testing sets us apart. Our proficiency, adherence to standards, and commitment to client satisfaction make us the preferred choice for all Legionella testing needs. Contact us today for reliable testing services.

    Feel free to connect with us using the following details:

    Phone: 01922 451646


    Address: Unit 27 Birchbrook Industrial Estate, Shenstone, Lichfield, Staffs, WS14 0DJ

    Our mission revolves around delivering reputable services that ensure water systems’ safety and compliance. Contact us today to discuss your requisites or schedule a consultation. Our knowledgeable team stands ready to assist.


    Yes – it’s important that, when selecting any reputable Legionella contractor, you consider their qualifications and certifications. We possess all relevant industry certifications, such as the Legionella Control Association (LCA) certification.

    While not universally mandated, Legionella testing is highly recommended to satisfy regulatory requirements and uphold water system safety.

    The testing frequency hinges on water system type and usage. Regular checks, typically quarterly or annually, prove prudent for most applications.

    While basic DIY testing options exist, comprehensive and accurate results, especially for intricate systems, necessitate professionals like Legionella Testing Services.

    Reliable results necessitate accredited laboratories. Seek accreditation details on lab websites or inquire directly. At PTS, we closely collaborate with an independent UKAS-accredited body for microbiological sampling – this means, you don’t have to worry about handling that yourself.

    We service clients nationwide, across the UK. Regardless of location, we can help you with your legionella testing needs. With that said, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team to discuss your requirements, or if you want to know more about our legionella related services.