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HS2 Water Infrastructure Services for Network Plus

Pipe Testing Services (PTS) partnered with Network Plus to ensure water infrastructure integrity for the HS2 project. Learn about our comprehensive approach, including swabbing, pressure testing, chlorination, and de-chlorination.

HS2 Water Infrastructure Services by Pipe Testing Services


    We, Pipe Testing Services (PTS), were entrusted by Network Plus with safeguarding the water infrastructure for a high-profile project. This ambitious endeavour was part of the cutting-edge high-speed rail network connecting major cities in the UK; the HS2.

    The Challenge

    With stringent quality standards and a tight construction schedule, meticulous attention to detail was paramount. Any compromises could potentially impact surrounding communities and the overall project timeline.

    HS2 Water Infrastructure Services by Pipe Testing Services.

    Our Comprehensive Approach

    From the outset, we leveraged our expertise to provide practical advice and solutions while working with Network Plus. It’s great to be involved from the start, when it comes to projects such as this. That’s how our collaboration saved valuable time and resources, while still maintaining the highest quality and compliance levels.

    Here’s what we did.

    During the initial phase, we conducted a comprehensive range of services to safeguard the water main’s integrity and quality. These included:


     A thorough swabbing process was carried out to remove any debris or contaminants from the 100m of 450mm ductile iron (DI) main, ensuring a clean and pristine environment for the subsequent testing and treatment.

    PTS employed state-of-the-art hydrostatic testing methods to verify the structural integrity of the water main. This crucial step ensured that the pipeline could withstand the necessary pressures and prevent any potential leaks or failures.

    To disinfect the water main and eliminate any harmful microorganisms, PTS performed a meticulous chlorination process. This involved introducing a carefully controlled concentration of chlorine solution into the pipeline, ensuring thorough disinfection while adhering to strict safety protocols.

    Following the chlorination process, PTS executed a precise de-chlorination procedure to remove any residual chlorine from the water main. This step was essential to restore the water quality to acceptable levels, ensuring the safety of the surrounding environment and the eventual end-users.

    Throughout the project, we maintained open communication with Network Plus, providing regular updates and addressing any concerns or challenges that arose.

    Our proactive approach and attention to detail ensured that the water infrastructure met the highest standards of quality and compliance.

    The Result

    By partnering with our qualified experts, Network Plus delivered a reliable and safe water system for the HS2 project. Our services ensured compliance with regulations and minimised potential delays, allowing smooth progress according to the demanding schedule.

    Network Plus recognised our expertise and practical approach, contributing to cost savings and increased efficiency. This successful collaboration further solidified our reputation as a trusted specialised water treatment provider.

    HS2 Water Infrastructure Services by Pipe Testing Services. Chlorination Services - works carried out for Network Plus, chlorination and de-chlorination services.

    Total Pipeline Performance – Water Infrastructure Services

    While certain chlorination services stand as a cornerstone of our offerings, we at PTS, have an expansive range of pipeline services. Let us be your partner in ensuring water systems’ integrity and water infrastructure. Here’s some of the services we perform for clients regularly nationwide:

    Take a closer look at our dedicated page, Legionella Contractors, do discover more about our services.

    With our diverse expertise and advanced methodologies, PTS provides holistic solutions tailored to optimise the integrity, safety, and longevity of your water infrastructure assets. Explore our full range of specialised services to elevate your system’s performance.

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