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The Importance of Regular Thermostatic Mixing Valve Servicing


The Importance of Regular Thermostatic Mixing Valve Servicing

Thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) play a crucial role in regulating hot water temperatures for safe usage. However, without proper maintenance these valves can fail over time, leading to potential scalding hazards or even encouraging Legionella bacteria growth.

That’s why regular TMV servicing is essential for commercial, healthcare, hospitality and residential settings. And why Pipe Testing Services is here to help you better understand the importance of proper maintenance.

TMVs - scalding prevention. TMV Servicing and Maintenance. shows a TMV.

    What Are Thermostatic Mixing Valves and Why Do They Need Servicing?

    TMVs are designed to blend hot and cold water to deliver tempered water at a stable, pre-set temperature. They prevent scalding by limiting hot water, whilst ensuring the water is sufficiently hot to control Legionella proliferation. However, TMVs contain movable parts and thermostats that are vulnerable to wear and mineral build-up from hard water.

    Over time, this can impede proper valve function. Stuck valves, broken internal components, or excessive lime scale deposits mean the TMV cannot accurately regulate water temperature anymore.

    Scheduled TMV servicing ensures these valves continue working optimally. Professional maintenance checks for issues like:

    Any of these indicate your TMV needs servicing or replacement. Routine maintenance prevents these issues from arising and protects from risks of scalding or Legionella.

    Why TMV Servicing Is Critical for Safety and Compliance

    Faulty TMVs that don’t properly regulate water temperature have serious consequences. In healthcare facilities or care homes, this poses scalding dangers, especially for children and seniors. Temperatures exceeding 43°C increase the risk of burns.

    Conversely, if the water isn’t hot enough, your system may foster Legionella bacteria growth. These bacteria thrive between 20-45°C and can lead to serious respiratory infections like Legionnaires’ disease. Regular TMV servicing ensures water stays within safe parameters.

    Most importantly, TMV maintenance ensures compliance with legal regulations. Standards like NHS HTM 04-01 and HSG274 mandate servicing records and risk assessments for TMVs. Facilities can face heavy penalties for non-compliance. Specialists like Pipe Testing Services keep clients compliant through expert TMV servicing.

    Signs Your TMV Needs Servicing

    How do you know when your TMV needs maintenance? Here are some tell-tale signs:

    Any of these issues signify your TMV needs servicing. Don’t ignore these warning signs, as doing so places occupants at risk and could result in regulatory non-compliance.

    Benefits of Professional TMV Servicing

    Partnering with specialists like Pipe Testing Services for your TMV servicing brings immense value. Our experienced engineers conduct thorough TMV maintenance including:

    • Full disassembly, cleaning and reassembly
    • Replacement of worn washers, O-rings, and pistons
    • Testing and re-calibration of the thermostat
    • Adjustment of the temperature limit stop
    • Flushing to remove scale deposits
    • Comprehensive safety testing

    This optimises TMV function, extends its lifespan, and provides peace of mind. Facilities can be assured their valves operate safely and efficiently, delivering stable outlet temperatures that help control Legionella. Regular servicing also fulfils compliance requirements, keeping facilities legally covered.

    Get in Contact for Expert TMV Servicing

    Pipe Testing Services offer cost-effective planned maintenance contracts for hassle-free TMV care. Get in touch today to schedule expert TMV servicing. Maintaining these critical valves is essential for safety and compliance – don’t leave it to chance.

    For inquiries, please contact Pipe Testing Services via:

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    We are deeply committed to providing dependable and esteemed services to ensure the safety and compliance of your water systems. Reach out to us now to discuss your requirements or to schedule a consultation. Our knowledgeable team is readily available to assist you.


     Most experts recommend servicing TMVs at least once a year. High-risk facilities may need more frequent servicing every 6 months.

    Neglecting TMV service can lead to temperature fluctuations, scalding hazards, Legionella bacteria growth, and non-compliance with safety regulations.

    TMV servicing involves disassembly, cleaning, replacing worn parts, testing/recalibration, temperature adjustments, and flushing scale deposits.

     TMV servicing requires expertise and the right tools. It’s highly recommended to use qualified professionals like Pipe Testing Services to ensure compliance.

     Costs vary based on number of valves and frequency. Most facilities budget around £100-£250 per TMV serviced, as part of a maintenance contract.

    Yes, facilities must follow requirements such as HSG274, HTM 04-01, D 08, and BS 8558 for safe TMV care and recordkeeping.