Pressure Testing Services

We undertake pressure testing on PE and metallic pipelines using industry sector preferred test methods and offer hydrostatic and pneumatic testing methods to prove the integrity of your new main.

Hydrostatic testing for water pipelines is conducted in accordance with the WRc type 2 test method, with full data logging and analysis in line with specifications.

We can also provide hydrostatic testing services for stage 1 evaluation of high pressure gas pipelines, including the delivery of water via tankers, dewatering and drying, together with full data logging and analysis of this initial soundness testing stage.

Our pneumatic testing services can be applied directly after construction, or following a stage 1 soundness test, depending on the pressure regime of the pipeline, whilst assessing creep compensation, normally associated with testing polyethylene gas pipelines in the United Kingdom.


At PTS you will find a different approach to pipe commissioning that any other firm in the industry will struggle to match.

As a family orientated company our focus is and always will be on carrying out our works to the highest standard possible to give you confidence in using our services again.

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