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The Importance of Regular Flow Surveys in Plumbing Systems

Flow Surveys & Flow Monitoring. Water Pipe Flow Surveys

The Importance of Regular Flow Surveys in Plumbing Systems

The smooth and efficient flow of water is critical for any plumbing system to operate safely and effectively. However, issues like blockages, leaks, corrosion, or inadequate pressure can develop over time, compromising water delivery. This is where comprehensive flow surveys come in.

Regular flow surveys are essential to proactively identify potential flow problems within a facility’s plumbing infrastructure before they escalate into major issues.

By leveraging flow measurement technology and the expertise of specialist contractors like us, at Pipe Testing Services, facilities can pinpoint areas of restricted flow and implement solutions to optimise their plumbing systems.

Flow Surveys & Flow Monitoring. Water Pipe Flow Surveys

    What Exactly Are Flow Surveys?

    Flow surveys, sometimes called flow tests, are in-depth assessments that evaluate the rate of water flow at various points throughout a plumbing network. Our Certified technicians use specialised flow measurement instruments to take readings of key parameters including:

    Volume of water flowing past a point over time, e.g. litres per second.

    Force exerted by the water on pipe walls and plumbing components.

    The speed at which water flows through pipes.

    This can impact water viscosity and flow rates

    We survey critical locations such as inlets, supply lines, branches, risers, mains, fixtures, and more.

    The flow readings are then analysed to identify restrictions or abnormalities that may be impacting flow performance.

    Why Are Regular Flow Surveys So Important?

    Regular flow surveys provide preventative maintenance for plumbing systems. Here are a few examples of how regular flow surveys help keep your plumbing systems running efficiently and as intended:

    By taking a proactive approach to monitoring water flow, facilities can reduce reactive maintenance and ensure the continuous delivery of water through their plumbing infrastructure.

    Pipe Testing Services' Flow Survey Capabilities

    With over 10 years of experience, Pipe Testing Services offers professional flow survey services for facilities across the UK. Whatever your location, PTS can get out to you and start working on our solutions for your systems. Our qualified technicians utilise the latest flow measurement instruments to evaluate plumbing networks, including:

    • Ultrasonic flow meters – Clamp onto the exterior of pipes to take non-invasive readings.
    • Pressure transducers – Measure water pressure via sensors placed at key points.
    • Pitot tubes – Used for velocity profiling in large-diameter pipes and mains.
    • Data loggers – Record flow data over set time periods.

    We tailor our flow survey process to each client’s requirements, from comprehensive whole-system evaluations in larger facilities to surveys of specific problem areas in smaller premises. Our engineers analyse the collated data to identify flow restrictions and provide proposed solutions to restore optimal flows.

    For large sites, we can provide a dynamic hydraulic model of the full plumbing network to simulate flows and determine the impacts of any upgrades or reconfigurations. Our capabilities cover plumbing systems in hospitals, commercial buildings, manufacturing plants, schools, care homes, airports, and more.

    The PTS Flow Survey Process

    Our typical flow survey process involves:

    Throughout the process, we work closely with the client to minimise plumbing system disruption. We also provide full risk assessments and method statements.

    Optimal Water Flow is Vital – Trust the Experts at PTS

    Safe and efficient water delivery relies on adequate system flows. Yet plumbing networks are vulnerable to restrictive issues over time. Regular flow surveys are crucial to identify and resolve problems before they escalate. With decades of experience, Pipe Testing Services offers specialist flow survey services for facilities across the UK. Contact us today to proactively maintain your plumbing infrastructure.

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    Regular flow surveys detect issues like blockages early, reduce contamination risks, prevent leaks/bursts, and provide data to plan repairs and upgrades. This proactive monitoring extends the life of plumbing systems.

    Annual flow surveys are recommended for most facilities. Systems with aggressive water chemistry or ongoing issues may require more frequent 6-month surveys.

    Flow surveys assess pipes, control valves, strainers, meters, pumps, water heaters, backflow preventers, fixtures, and more throughout the water supply system.

    Yes, we can create a computerised model of your entire plumbing network to simulate flows. This helps determine optimal pipe upgrades.

    We serve various facilities including hospitals, commercial buildings, factories, care homes, schools, airports, retail complexes and more across the UK.