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How to Prepare for Your First Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionnaires Risk Assessment & Legionella Risk Analysis - pipe and plumbing. Legionella Precautions

How to Prepare for Your First Legionella Risk Assessment

As a facilities manager or property owner, one of your key responsibilities is safeguarding the health and safety of occupants and users.

An important part of this is how to get a Legionella risk assessment done regularly. But if it’s your first time getting one, it can be confusing to know where to start. Proper preparation is crucial for an effective assessment.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get ready for your first Legionella risk assessment, with the help of us at Pipe Testing Services

Legionnaires Risk Assessment & Legionella Risk Analysis - pipe and plumbing. Legionella Precautions

    Preparing for a Legionella Risk Assessment

    The assessors will need to review documentation like system schematics, equipment manuals, maintenance logs, and any previous risk assessments. This gives them a complete picture of your water systems. 

    Make sure to have all relevant documents organised and ready to share before the assessors arrive. For complex sites, provide simplified schematics highlighting areas of concern.

    Do a thorough walkthrough of your property and make notes on all water systems like cooling towers, boilers, humidifiers, taps, showers, hot tubs, decorative fountains and their locations. Check for any signs of corrosion, scale build up or slime that can promote Legionella growth.

    Document areas that are difficult to access or obscured. This helps assessors evaluate risks.

    Use Legionella thermometers to measure and record temperatures at various points in your hot and cold water systems. Stagnant water between 20-50°C allows Legionella to thrive. Make notes on any outlets with temperature readings in this range to highlight risks.

    Ensure water tanks, strainers, filters, sprinklers and equipment like cooling towers are cleaned before the assessors visit. Also tidy any storage areas or rooms housing water heaters and tanks. This enables assessors to inspect systems thoroughly.

    Alert occupants about the scheduled assessment visit dates so assessors can access all areas. Tenants may need to be available to open locked apartments or rooms. Provide the assessors’ contact details in case access issues arise during the inspection.

    Old pipes, outdated equipment or improper plumbing can increase Legionella risk. If major re-plumbing or upgrades are required to remediate risks, be prepared for potential costs and disruption. Getting quotes from trusted Legionella control specialists like Pipe Testing Services can help you plan and budget.

    Types of Legionella Risk Assessments

     The type of assessment you need depends on if you are a landlord, facilities manager, or home occupier.

    For landlords, a full assessment of all water systems in a property is required before tenants move in. This identifies risks tenants could face. Regular reassessments are also needed.

    Facilities managers require in-depth assessments covering all water sources like cooling towers, hot tubs, fountains. This ensures the safety of occupants using the building.

    In homes, key risk areas are hot water tanks, showers, garden hoses. A home assessment can identify hazards to your family.

    Types of Legionella Risk Assessments

    The assessment process involves:

    Why Use an Accredited Provider for a Legionella Risk Assessment?

    Legionella assessments involve complex analysis of plumbing systems. Using an accredited provider like Pipe Testing Services ensures:

    • Assessors are fully qualified and experienced
    • Assessment methodology meets industry regulations
    • Testing uses latest technology and processes
    • Risks are identified accurately without oversight
    • Recommendations are appropriate and effective
    • Reports are legally compliant

    This gives you peace of mind that your property’s water systems are truly safe for occupants.

    Legionella Risk Assessments – What’s the Cost?

     At Pipe Testing Services, we provide transparent, competitive pricing for risk assessments based on:

    • Scope of assessment
    • Complexity of risk reduction measures
    • Size of water systems

    To get a tailored quote that meets your budget, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team will inspect your property and systems to accurately estimate costs. We also offer cost-efficient legionella remedial works to bring outdated plumbing up to legal standards.

    Contact Pipe Testing Services

    With extensive experience and qualified assessors, Pipe Testing Services ensures no risks are overlooked. We are a fully accredited, nationwide service – our assessments adhere to all health and safety regulations. For a fully compliant, comprehensive Legionella Risk Assessment, contact us today.

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    Get in touch to discuss your needs or book a consultation. We are committed to delivering reputable, reliable services for safer, compliant water systems. Contact us now for your Legionella Risk Assessment quote.


    Our assessors check all water systems including cooling towers, hot water tanks, taps, showers, humidifiers, hot tubs, decorative fountains. We measure temperatures, check for sediment build up, stagnant water, and other risk factors that can promote Legionella bacteria growth.

    For most properties, an annual reassessment is recommended to ensure risks are continually monitored and controlled. More frequent assessments may be needed for cooling towers, hot tubs and other higher risk systems.

    Yes, we conduct assessments for all property types including homes, apartments, care homes, hotels, offices, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities across the UK.

    We provide a detailed report summarising identified hazards, priorities for remediation, and recommended control measures tailored to your systems. Our team can also quote for any remedial works needed to reduce risks.

    Yes, we operate all over the country – regardless of location. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to see how we can help organise a Legionella Risk Assessment for your property or facility at a competitive and cost-effective price.