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Enhancing Safety with Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) Installations

TMVs - scalding prevention. TMV Servicing and Maintenance. shows a TMV.

Enhancing Safety with Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) Installations

At Pipe Testing Services (PTS), we prioritise safety in water systems, and one of the crucial aspects of ensuring user well-being is through expert Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) installations. This innovative solution plays a pivotal role in creating a safe and controlled water temperature, particularly in environments where vulnerable individuals, such as children, the elderly, and people with disabilities, are present.

TMVs are designed to precisely mix hot and cold water, producing a stream of water at a pre-set temperature typically ranging between 39°C and 43°C. These installations incorporate failsafe mechanisms that automatically shut off the valve in case of supply failures, effectively preventing exposure to hazardous hot water.


Why TMVs are Essential

Scalding injuries are a significant concern, especially in public water systems. In the UK, nearly 600 scalding injuries are recorded annually, with 75% affecting children under 5. TMV installations significantly reduce the risk of scalding, prioritizing the safety of vulnerable groups.

Compliance with legislation is crucial, and TMVs are often a legal requirement in certain settings, such as healthcare and education facilities. PTS ensures that installations meet the NHS Model Engineering Specification D08 and NHS Estates, TMV3 performance standards of thermostatic protection.

Maintaining the correct TMV temperature setting is vital for safety and compliance. The hot water feed is set between 50 and 60°C, while the cold water feed is kept below 20°C. This helps reduce the risk of Legionella and other hazards, with prompt addressing of any deviations in water temperature.

    TMVs - scalding prevention. TMV Servicing and Maintenance. shows a TMV.

    Tailored TMV Solutions

    Recognising that each facility has unique needs, PTS provides tailored TMV installations to meet distinct requirements. In compliance with the Care Standards Act 2000, healthcare, social care, and similar public-oriented properties benefit from our expertise in delivering TMV installations that guarantee optimal performance and safety.

    At Pipe Testing Services, our commitment to water system safety extends beyond TMV installations. We offer a range of services, including comprehensive TMV servicing and maintenance, contributing to our reputation as leaders in the water treatment industry. For facilities that prioritise safety and compliance, PTS is the trusted partner for expert TMV solutions.

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