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Reliable Commercial Leak Detection for Businesses of All Sizes

Clean Water and Drainage CCTV Surveys. Commercial Leak Detection.

Reliable Commercial Leak Detection for Businesses of All Sizes

    Water leaks in commercial buildings can quickly escalate into costly and disruptive problems. From structural damage and mold growth to business downtime and safety hazards, undetected leaks pose significant risks.

    At Pipe Testing Services (PTS), we specialise in providing comprehensive commercial leak detection solutions tailored to the unique needs of various industries and property types.

    If you’re experiencing difficulty with a leak within your water pipelines, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We operate nationwide across the UK. Additionally, our commercial leak detection services are just one small slice of our services – many of our clients are surprised to learn just how much we cover:

    Challenges of Commercial Leak Detection

    Complex Building Structures

    Commercial properties often feature intricate plumbing systems, multiple floors, and concealed pipework, making leak detection a considerable challenge. Our technicians are extensively trained to navigate these complexities. We employ specialised techniques to pinpoint leaks with unparalleled accuracy.

    We understand that downtime can severely impact your business operations and bottom line. Our non-invasive methods allow us to locate leaks without causing extensive damage. Additionally, these techniques wont cause prolonged disruptions to your daily operations.

    Advanced Leak Detection Techniques

    Acoustic Leak Detection

    Our state-of-the-art ground microphones and noise correlation software can detect even the faintest sounds of leaks. Enabling us to pinpoint their exact location with remarkable precision. This method is particularly effective for locating leaks in buried pipes, walls, and hard-to-reach areas.

    Advanced infrared cameras can detect temperature variations caused by water leaks, making it easier to identify and locate leaks in walls, floors, and ceilings without causing any damage. This non-invasive approach is ideal for minimising disruptions in occupied buildings.

    By introducing an inert gas into your plumbing system, our specialised sensors can detect even the smallest gas escapes, allowing us to map out the exact location of leaks. This technique is particularly useful for locating leaks in complex or inaccessible areas.

    Industry-Specific Commercial Leak Detection Solutions

    The accuracy of leak detection methods can be influenced by various factors, such as:

    pipe material, size, depth, and soil conditions.

    Accurate pipeline mapping and record-keeping are essential for successful leak location. This is because they provide crucial information about the pipeline’s layout and characteristics.

    Healthcare Facilities

    Leaks in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings can pose serious risks to patient safety, hygiene standards, and regulatory compliance. At PTS, we understand the critical nature of these facilities and take a meticulous approach to leak detection and remediation.

    We prioritise safeguarding sensitive areas, such as operating rooms, intensive care units, and sterile environments, ensuring that leaks are promptly identified and addressed without compromising critical systems or protocols. Furthermore, we stay up-to-date with the latest healthcare industry regulations and guidelines, guaranteeing that our services meet the strictest standards for water quality, infection control, and environmental safety.

    Hotels and Hospitality

    In the hospitality industry, water leaks can lead to significant property damage, guest dissatisfaction, and reputational harm. PTS understands the importance of maintaining a flawless guest experience while protecting your valuable assets.

    Our technicians are skilled in conducting discreet leak detection surveys in occupied spaces, minimising any inconvenience to guests. We employ advanced techniques, such as thermal imaging and tracer gas methods, which allow us to pinpoint leaks without causing extensive disruptions or unsightly damage to guest rooms, lobbies, restaurants, and other public areas.

    Once a leak is identified, we work swiftly to implement effective repair solutions, ensuring that any necessary work is completed with minimal impact on your operations and guest comfort.

    Preventing Legionella in Hotels - image displaying a reception desk in a hotel. Commercial Leak Detection Services

    Educational Institutions

    Leaks in schools, universities, and student housing facilities can compromise the learning environment, pose health and safety risks, and lead to costly repairs if left unaddressed. At PTS, we recognise the unique challenges faced by educational institutions and tailor our approach accordingly. Our leak detection services are designed to work around academic schedules, minimising disruptions to classes, exams, and campus activities. We prioritise identifying and addressing leaks in high-traffic areas, such as dormitories, cafeterias, and classrooms, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for students, faculty, and staff.

    Additionally, we understand the budgetary constraints often faced by educational institutions and strive to provide cost-effective solutions that maximise the longevity of your plumbing infrastructure.

    Office Buildings and Commercial Properties

    Water leaks in office buildings, retail spaces, and other commercial properties can lead to significant operational downtime. Not to mention, property damage, and potential legal liabilities.

    Our team is experienced in navigating complex building structures, intricate plumbing systems, and challenging site conditions often found in commercial properties. We employ a range of state-of-the-art techniques, including acoustic monitoring, tracer gas methods, and ground-penetrating radar, to accurately locate and pinpoint leaks, even in hard-to-reach or concealed areas.

    Once a leak is identified, we collaborate closely with property managers, facility teams, and tenants. Consequently, implementing effective repair solutions while minimising disruptions to your daily operations.

    Comprehensive Commercial Leak Management

    At PTS, we go beyond accurate leak detection to provide a comprehensive solution for your commercial property. Our complementary services include:

    • Water damage restoration and drying
    • Mold remediation and prevention
    • Plumbing repairs and leak sealing
    • Preventative maintenance programs

    By addressing leaks promptly and implementing proactive measures, we help minimise the risk of future incidents. Protect your assets, and ensure business continuity with our help.

    Commercial Leak Detection - FAQs

    Can you help with compliance and regulatory requirements related to water leaks?

    Absolutely. Our team is well-versed in the relevant regulations and industry standards for water management and leak prevention in various commercial sectors. We can assist you in ensuring compliance and providing the necessary documentation.

    The accuracy of leak detection methods can vary depending on factors such as pipe material, size, depth, and building structure. At PTS, we use advanced techniques like acoustic monitoring, tracer gas, and thermal imaging to ensure high levels of accuracy in leak detection and location.

    Yes, PTS offers comprehensive leak management services, including water damage restoration, mold remediation, plumbing repairs, and preventative maintenance programs to address leaks promptly and mitigate their impact.

    The accuracy of leak detection methods can vary depending on factors such as pipe material, size, depth, and building structure. At PTS, we use advanced techniques like acoustic monitoring, tracer gas, and thermal imaging to ensure high levels of accuracy in leak detection and location.

    Our commercial leak detection services are suitable for a wide range of properties, including healthcare facilities, hotels, educational institutions, office buildings, retail spaces, and industrial facilities.

    Yes, PTS employs non-invasive leak detection methods like acoustic techniques and thermal imaging, which can be performed without causing significant disruptions to your daily business activities.

    The frequency of leak detection surveys depends on factors such as the building’s age, plumbing system, and previous leak history. As a general guideline, it is recommended to conduct regular surveys at least once a year or as advised by industry best practices.

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    Whether you require assistance with regular leak detection surveys. Or, addressing specific leaks and ensuring compliance with regulations. At PTS,  we have the knowledge and resources to tailor our solutions to your unique needs.

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