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Unlocking Legionella Compliance: A Step-by-Step Guide

Legionella monitoring and control image - displays bacterium, legionella. Water Tank Disinfection. Legionella Dental Equipment.

Unlocking Legionella Compliance: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Legionella Risk Assessment: Dive deep into your water systems to identify potential risks lurking within.
  • Legionella Remedial Works: Take action to manage or eliminate these identified risks through tailored remedial measures.
  • Legionella Testing: Regularly sample your water with a UKAS accredited laboratory to accurately gauge the level of Legionella risk in your system.
  • Legionella Monitoring: Maintain ongoing safety by diligently controlling and managing Legionella exposure risks.

With these systematic steps, achieving Legionella compliance becomes a manageable task for Pipe Testing Services, ensuring the safety of your water systems and the well-being of all who use them

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    Water safety is not something to gamble with. Legionella bacteria can lurk in your water systems and cause serious harm if left unchecked.

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