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Tackling Legionella Risks Through Expert Remedial Works

Legionella Thermometer - image displays a standard thermometer, used as an example for comparison. Legionella Remedial Works.

Tackling Legionella Risks Through Expert Remedial Works

As a facility manager or property owner, you likely know that Legionella bacteria pose a significant risk if left unchecked in building water systems. When Legionella inspection reports come back with alarming results, remedial works become necessary to control plumbing system hazards before they escalate.

But what exactly do expert legionella remedial works entail? And how can you ensure any required repairs or retrofits effectively minimise risks without breaking the bank? This guide, from us at Pipe Testing Services, breaks down everything you need to know about Legionella remedial works delivered by specialist contractors.

Legionella Contractors and Legionella Control Measures. Image shows man testing for legionella.

    Understanding Expert Legionella Remedial Works

    Legionella remedial works refer to the process of implementing or upgrading control measures to reduce Legionella growth and spread throughout a facility’s water systems. Remediation typically becomes mandatory following Legionella risk assessments that reveal deficiencies in current prevention strategies.

    Works may involve measures like:

    The specific combination of remedial solutions depends on the unique hazards identified in a structure’s plumbing infrastructure. Areas of focus aim to optimise parameters like water temperature, turnover rate, and stagnation and disinfectant levels.

    Why Legionella Remediation Matters

    When assessments show critical risks requiring immediate correction, remedial actions become imperative from both a safety and compliance standpoint. Delaying repairs when dangerous Legionella counts are detected can have severe consequences, including:

    • Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks
    • Heavy fines or litigation
    • Property closures
    • Reputational damage

    Plus, facilities housing individuals with higher susceptibility due to age or health face even greater accountability for prompt hazard mitigation.

    Overall, timely and effective remediation following inspection results represents a legal duty of care. It also prevents far costlier outcomes down the line if bacteria proliferate unchecked.

    If you’re looking for more information on how to prepare for your first legionella risk assessment, you can take a look at our blog post here

    Legionella Remedial Works Process

    If your latest risk review indicates remedial works are needed, what should you expect as far as process, price, and timelines? Here is an overview of key stages and what Pipe Testing Services can help with:

    • Review full risk assessment
    • Discuss key remediation goals
    • Outline work specifications
    • Estimate costs and timeframes
    • Submit permits if needed
    • Order equipment/materials
    • Isolate work areas
    • Prepare infrastructure access
    • Drain systems if required
    • Install new controls
    • Replace outdated components
    • Perform disinfection cleaning
    • Reconfigure layouts
    • Collect water samples
    • Analyse Legionella levels
    • Validate hazard reduction
    • Commission new equipment
    • Submit detailed reports
    • Update risk assessments
    • Track ongoing compliance

    How Much Do Legionella Remedial Works Cost?

    It’s natural to cringe at the prospect of unexpected plumbing repairs and remedial works. However, putting off necessary Legionella remediation only leads to exponentially more expensive outcomes in the future.

    When using an expert legionella remedial works provider, costs can vary depending on:

    • Complexity
    • Equipment/chemicals required
    • Accessibility factors
    • Overall scale
    • Degree of reconfiguring

    Keep in mind that even more extensive renovations may be needed for larger, outdated sites. While not insignificant, this investment safeguards health and averts far greater expenses if Legionella hazards spiral. Planned, prompt remediation saves money over-reactive crisis control.

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    Partnering With Legionella Remediation Experts

    As Legionella contractors with years of remedial project expertise in the UK, Pipe Testing Services brings extensive technical know-how to tackle any site’s unique hazards. Our team handles all aspects of delivering tailored solutions for risk reduction, including:

    • Initial risk review and recommendations
    • Turnkey installation services
    • Ongoing maintenance support
    • Total documentation for compliance

    By leveraging our remediation capabilities, you can rest assured any necessary system repairs and retrofitting will effectively control Legionella – saving money, liability, and most critically, lives.

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    Still, have some questions about Legionella remediation works? Here are answers to some common queries:

    Depending on scale, remedial works may take 2-6 weeks from start to finish. We provide detailed schedules upfront.

    Where possible we isolate work zones to avoid full closure. Some draining is usually inevitable during installations.

    Risk assessments rating control measures as unsatisfactory or poor are key triggers, as are confirmed positive samples.

    Our experienced team handles all planning, coordination, and management to simplify execution.

    Post-project we resample water to validate hazard mitigation, providing documentation of results.

    We offer continued legionella monitoring, maintenance services, and assessment updates to ensure lasting compliance