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Innovative Legionella Solutions from Pipe Testing Services

Legionella monitoring and control image - displays bacterium, legionella. Water Tank Disinfection. Legionella Dental Equipment.

Innovative Legionella Solutions from Pipe Testing Services

At Pipe Testing Services, we are pioneering leaders in Legionella solutions, offering cutting-edge methods beyond traditional disinfection to control Legionella bacteria across all types of UK water systems.

Unchecked Legionella growth can lead to Legionnaires’ disease, a severe and potentially fatal form of pneumonia. Robust Legionella control measures are crucial for reducing risk and ensuring safety in line with UK health and safety regulations.

While heating, biocide treatment, and cleaning help control Legionella, our experts understand that one size does not fit all. We provide bespoke solutions tailored to your facility’s needs and complexities.

Legionella bacteria can pose severe risks to health and safety if left unchecked in water systems. Pipe Testing Services offers cutting-edge solutions beyond traditional methods to control Legionella.

Our experts provide:

  • Customized risk assessments
  • Innovative technologies like ionization and UV
  • Specialised biocide treatments
  • Ongoing compliance management
  • Monitoring, testing, and record keeping

With Pipe Testing Services, you get the latest Legionella solutions tailored to your facility’s needs, ensuring safety and compliance. Contact us today to explore how we can help control Legionella using the most effective and sustainable methods. Our priority is long-term protection for your staff and visitors.

    Innovative Legionella Control Methods

    Copper and Silver Ionisation

    We introduce copper and silver ions into the water supply. These heavy metal ions penetrate Legionella cell walls, damaging their respiratory functions and DNA, effectively killing the bacteria. Ionisation also disrupts biofilm formation – a common hiding place for Legionella.

    This chemical-free method enables 24/7 control as the ions remain continuously active. It is ideal for large, complex systems like cooling towers.

    Targeted Biocide Treatments

    Our Legionella-specific biocides, combined with thorough cleaning, treat entire systems, removing biofilm and inhibiting growth.

    These specialised biocides offer a safer, more effective alternative to chlorine-based disinfectants. They provide long-lasting protection without harmful by-products.

    Ultraviolet Water Disinfection

    UV light destroys Legionella by disrupting its ability to replicate. It provides targeted disinfection right before outlets, minimising risk.

    UV is suitable for small water systems and final exit points. It avoids chemical use while adding an extra layer of Legionella control.

    Legionella monitoring and control image - displays bacterium, legionella. Water Tank Disinfection. Legionella Dental Equipment.

    Our experts recommend the most appropriate solutions after fully assessing your systems and risks against UK guidelines. You can learn more via our Comparing Water Treatment Methods: Chlorination, UV Disinfection, and Ozonation page

    The Growing Threat of Legionella in the UK

    Legionella is a serious public health concern in the UK. According to reports from Public Health England, there were 200 confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease in 2020, a decrease from 814 cases in 2019. However, this decline may be partly due to the reduced travel and testing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The overall trend shows an increase in Legionnaires’ disease cases since 2000, when there were 359 cases.

    Several factors contribute to this growing threat. Ageing water systems in buildings can harbour more bacteria. Climate change leads to warmer water temperatures that facilitate Legionella growth. And as surveillance improves, more cases are being identified.

    Major outbreaks with fatalities periodically underscore the severe threat. In 2018, a Legionnaires’ outbreak at a Scottish health spa caused 3 deaths and 22 cases. Additionally, back in 2002, an outbreak in Barrow-in-Furness infected 172 people and caused 7 deaths. Such spikes remind us of the potential consequences when Legionella risks go unchecked.

    Overcoming Limitations of Standard Control Methods

    While heating, biocide application, and cleaning are the standard Legionella control methods, they have limitations that can compromise their effectiveness and safety. Here are some of the challenges posed by these methods:

    Advantages of Alternate Methods

    These shortfalls demonstrate the need for innovative supplemental solutions like copper-silver ionization and UV light disinfection. These methods offer several advantages over the standard methods, such as:

    • Copper-silver ionization constantly penetrates bacteria for 24/7 control without chemicals or side effects. It involves introducing copper and silver ions into the water supply, which damage the cell walls and DNA of Legionella, killing them. It also prevents biofilm formation, a common hiding place for Legionella. It is a chemical-free method that does not affect water taste or odour, and is safe for human consumption and the environment.
    • UV light disinfection targets Legionella DNA to stop replication without any residual impact. It involves exposing the water to UV light of specific wavelengths, which disrupts the genetic material of Legionella, preventing them from reproducing and infecting humans. It provides focal disinfection right before water outlets, minimising risk. It avoids the use of chemicals and does not leave any residuals in the water.

    By combining these state-of-the-art technologies with traditional methods, facilities can overcome limitations and maximise Legionella control.

    Pipe Testing Services offers the ideal blend of solutions tailored to each customer’s needs. We can assess your water systems and risks, and recommend the most suitable methods for your facility, ensuring compliance with UK-specific guidelines.

    Ensuring Ongoing Compliance and Legionella Control

    Legionella compliance is not a one-off task, but a continuous process that requires regular review and maintenance. At Pipe Testing Services, we don’t just provide solutions – we offer ongoing Legionella compliance management and support. Here are some of the benefits of choosing us for your compliance needs.

    • We maintain your control measures through regular monitoring and testing, including water sampling and analysis. We use accredited laboratories and methods to ensure reliable and accurate results. We also provide you with certificates and reports to demonstrate your compliance status.
    • Detailed record keeping and reporting ensures you have the documentation needed for inspections and audits. We keep a log book of all your water system details, risk assessments, control measures, test results, and corrective actions. We can also provide you with online access to your records via our secure portal.
    • We can liaise with regulators on your behalf to make the process smooth and stress-free. We can handle any queries or requests from the HSE, local authorities, or other agencies. We can also assist you with any notifications or reporting requirements, such as in the event of a Legionella outbreak or incident.
    • With routine site visits, we identify any changes that require intervention to keep Legionella in check. This includes alterations to water systems, equipment replacement, and process optimisations. We can advise you on the best practices and solutions to maintain or improve your Legionella control.

    By partnering with Pipe Testing Services for compliance and water management, you gain peace of mind knowing your facility stays vigilant against Legionella risks. We have the expertise to navigate regulations and keep your water safety plan effective for the long run.

    Why Choose Pipe Testing Services?

    With Pipe Testing Services, you get:

    • Highly qualified water treatment specialists
    • Unrivalled expertise in Legionella solutions
    • Customised legionella risk assessments
    • Ongoing maintenance and monitoring
    • Full compliance support
    • Seamless integration into your control programme

    We implement proven Legionella solutions with minimal environmental impact, prioritising long-term safety.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote. Don’t miss this opportunity to secure your water safety and compliance with Pipe Testing Services.

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