Legionella Inspections and Testing

At Pipe Testing Services, we approach Legionella testing straightforwardly and effectively. We believe that remedial work needs to be quickly identified to help put the work in place your systems require.

Like you, our number one priority is to ensure preventative strategies that adhere to necessary compliance.

As water hygiene is a crucial area of responsibility for all employers and landlords alike, we have made it our mission to support every business and individual we partner with so they can effectively manage Legionella risk.

If you’re seeking support to maintain legal requirements, we can help by tailoring BS8580 risk assessments for your business.

Our Legionella Inspecting Process

Our experts follow a thorough process when you choose Pipe Testing Services to carry out Legionella inspecting. Our team of qualified specialists visits your premises to highlight any areas where you may not be compliant.

The risk assessment is set up to help you know where improvements may be required to your water system.

When carrying out our testing, if the assessment identifies that remedial works are needed to bring your water system up to compliance, we can also extend our services to manage such issues.

Whether you need dead legs removing, de-scaling, or a disinfection job, we are here to assist our customers.

We Provide Expert Legionella Advice

In addition to carrying out inspections and coordinating risk assessments, our team also is on hand to help you monitor your water systems in line with the requirements for Legionella testing.

Our water sampling is carried out to approved water company methods, and our analysis work is conducted through our UKAS accredited in-house laboratories. You can rest assured that our team of experts is available at every Legionella testing service stage.

We can also assist with managing your water hygiene requirements. By using the latest Legionella management software, we keep our customers up-to-date on the condition of their water systems with real-time alerts for any possible issues that may require attention.


Safeguarding Is Our Top Priority

Safeguarding remains our number one priority at Pipe Testing Services. In the case of customers, tenants, and business owners, we understand that safeguarding can never be overlooked.

If you’re looking for a reputable team of experts that will guarantee an efficient service, ongoing support, and thorough advice surrounding Legionella testing, choose Pipe Testing Services.

Do I need a monitoring and inspection programme?

For those who are unsure whether they need a egionella monitoring and inspection programme, read on.

A crucial part of ACoP L8 is that following a Legionella risk assessment; you should also prepare a written monitoring plan to control the identified risks of Legionella.

The plan must identify the chosen control measure, e.g. avoiding water temperatures between 20ºC and 45ºC and how this will be achieved. It should also be implemented, regularly managed and monitored.

Finally, a detailed record of all precautions should then be kept in a dedicated site logbook, which is critical evidence for any health and safety inspection.

Sounds quite complex, right? Then the answer is yes, you need a monitoring and inspection programme, and Pipe Testing Services is the expert team for just this task.

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